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Maria’s Garden and Inn


42 Independence St, Berkeley Springs WV zip - 25411

What exactly is Maria’s Garden & Inn? Well, there is quite a story behind this unique and faith filled family business. Nestled in the Heart of Town is one of the areas first Bed & Breakfast and Italian Restaurant. Originally begun as a small pizza shop in the early 70’s, Maria’s has evolved into one of the most unique and original places of destination in the world. Not only will you learn of the B&B, the restaurant, group and banquet facilities, you will also discover a spiritual world unlike you have ever experienced. You see, Maria is the Italian for Mary, in this case “Ave Maria.” Maria’s Garden & Inn, through the graciousness of the many guests, houses Icons, statues, grottoes, 1st class relics, and religious memorabilia of the Virgin Mary from the world over.

  • Luke Akerlind May 31, 2017

    Room was spacious, clean. The whole place has a strongly religious decor. Food was good but requests for small changes (no cheese, etc..) were consistently not attended to and service slowed considerably when it got busy.

    From: Google Review

  • Edward Smith May 31, 2017

    The service is always great, but the food is mediocre. I do enjoy their breakfast, but everything else isn’t the best.

    From: Google Review

  • Uleta Clark May 31, 2017

    We stopped in here last week while on vacation and there were 4 adults and three children in our party. We all LOVED everything we ordered. We then compared all other meals we ate to Maria’s Garden. Food was excellent, service was excellent and the cost was very reasonable!!

    From: Google Review

  • Jennifer G. May 31, 2017

    Great homecooked food and affordable prices.

    Maria’s Garden & Inn is certainly a unique dining experience, Being a Catholic, I appreciated all of the Catholic art, statues and saint relics. It could be a bit overwhelming if you do not share the Catholic faith or appreciate an eclectic collection of art. There is even a chapel on the upper level!

    The menu provides a wide variety of options – everything from basic sandwiches to pasta dishes and everyting inbetween. Service was fantastic. Very friendly and prompt despite our large party and the food was all fantastic.

    If you get a salad, try their house dressing, it is very tasty! The crab soup was also fantastic.

    From: Yelp Review

  • T P. May 31, 2017

    We dined on a Sunday afternoon. We were acknowledged when we arrived and seated ourselves, as the sign instructed. We waited about ten min before the waitress realized we were there.

    We put an order in for three very simple sandwiches (e.g., tuna with cheese, lettuce and tomato). Twenty minutes later, the food arrived. (This seems like a reasonable amount of time for fancy dishes or gourmet restaurants, but not for this place.) The cook forgot my cheese. No ketchup was brought with the fries. After finding an employee to ask for ketchup and mayo, a few min later only ketchup arrived.

    The food was fine. It was affordable. The decoration was very Catholic.

    Apparently they are re-branding the restaurant and it’s under new management, so maybe it’ll get better soon. The waitress said everyone is new.

    From: Yelp Review

  • Lauren W. May 31, 2017

    Definitely the worst place in town. Imagine terrible truck stop style italian food with a waitress who’s first comment toward us was ‘shit.’ My fiancé just spent a week eating hospital food and still said it was the worst meal of his whole life. The salads are extremely bland and terrible with Kraft salad dressing. The potato soup was undercooked and we are pretty sure the alfredo sauce was made of coffee creamer and mayonnaise with a little Parmesan. Contracted a terrible stomach ache from the vegetable soup shortly after leaving. PLEASE do not waste your time or money.

    From: Yelp Review

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