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The Beehive Cafe


98 N. Washington St., Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

The Beehive Cafe was founded with a focus on community.  Owner Monica Ullom, a former beekeeper, drew inspiration from honeybees, which work together for the well-being of their community and the surrounding environment.  They serve 100% plant-based cuisine as a way to support a healthy lifestyle.

The cafe aims to make a greater impact by opening The Beehive Lifestyle Center, where the community can attend classes on cooking and healthful living and recovery from addiction and depression.  We offer wellness services for our community as well, such as nutrition counseling and hydrotherapy.

You can be part of their effort to impact the community! We offer a Blessing Box outside where individuals can take or donate food items, and a “Pay It Forward” ticket program for those in need.  Cash tips go towards supporting these initiatives.

This is a vegetarian restaurant which is great to see in Berkeley Springs.

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