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Frequently asked Questions

How far is Berkeley Springs from the top local cities?

You can get to Berkeley Springs from several major metropolitan cities in less than a tank of gas. Below are rough estimates of how far it is:

Baltimore – 100 miles away
Washington, DC – 100 miles away
Pittsburgh – 146 miles away
Philadelphia – 165 miles away
Richmond- 179 miles away

Is a car needed?

Yes, there is no public transportation like taxi or bus. Car is needed to get to all locations within Berkeley Springs, WV. However, you can get to Berkeley Springs via other alternative transportation. You can click on the following link which shows you different options via airplane, taxi, train and/or bus in order to get to Berkeley Springs from your current location.  To get more information on getting there, please visit our “How to Get There” section.

Do I need an all-wheel drive car in Berkeley Springs, WV?

You don’t need a wheel-drive car in Berkeley Springs, WV. Most roads including the main ones are accessible via 2-wheel drive car. There are some roads that require an all-wheel drive to access them. Also, certain cabin rentals do require an all-wheel drive car to access it during the winter time. Please contact the owner to find out if it’s needed.

What is Berkeley Springs’s top event?

The top event for Berkeley Springs is the Apple Butter Festival. It’s held every year during Columbus Day weekend.

When is Peak Fall Foliage in Berkeley Springs?

Peak Fall Foliage is in mid to late October. Below is a graph of the peak dates.


What airports are nearby?

The closest airport is Dulles International Airport. It’s about 2 hours away.

 What is the closest Ski resort?

The closest ski resort is Whitetail resort which is about 30 to 40 minutes away. Whitetail Mountain Resort is a four-season resort located on Two Top Mountains in the Tuscarora Mountains of Pennsylvania. More information can be seen by going to their website here

Is WiFi available in downtown Berkeley Springs, WV?

There are several Wifi hotspots in Berkeley Springs. Some of the top spots are Fairfax Coffee House, McDonald, and Light House Latte.

Are there supermarkets or areas where I can get groceries?

The top supermarket in the area is Food Lion. For the top meat selection, there is Tony Butcher’s Block. Another place that sells food is the General Dollar store. During certain times of the year, there is a Berkeley Springs Farmers that is held in downtown Berkeley Springs.

Below is the current schedule.

April through mid-December on Sundays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
July and August on Thursdays from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Is there a Redbox and if so where?

For movie or game rental, there is a Red Box located outside the General Dollar store in Berkeley Springs. The address and phone number are

Dollar General
1005 Valley Rd,
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
(304) 258-4380

What is the most expensive and romantic restaurant?

That would be Lot 12. Lot 12 Public House serves seasonal upscale comfort cuisine prepared by local Chef Damian Heath and pours distinctive wines, microbrews, and fine spirits as well. Reservations are recommended. The address and phone number are:

17 Warren St
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
(304) 258-6264

What is the largest event in Berkeley Springs?

The largest event is the Apple Butter Festival which is held every year on Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend (Oct 11/12)

What is the closest shopping outlet?

The closet is Hagerstown Premium Outlets located in Hagerstown, MD. It’s about 40 minutes away. Hagerstown Premium Outlets is an open-air outlet mall that has between 100 and 115 stores. Hagerstown Premium Outlets is chiefly anchored by Wolf Furniture & Outlet. Smaller anchor stores exist such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Polo Ralph Lauren, and The Children’s Place. The center also contains a food court with a coffee bar and a local tourism center. More information can be seen at the website at

The address and phone number are below
495 Prime Outlets Blvd,
Hagerstown, MD 21740
(301) 790-0300

Where is the local hospital?

The local hospital is War Memorial Hospital. War Memorial Hospital is a non-profit facility providing healthcare services to a population of about 18,000 in Morgan County, WV, and surrounding areas. A licensed Critical Access Hospital, War Memorial features 25 inpatient beds (21 private rooms), 16 long-term care beds, and a six-bed emergency department.

The state-of-the-art War Memorial Hospital opened in April 2012 off of Fairview Drive. The $30 million, 87,000-square-foot facility includes upgraded technologies throughout, new operating rooms, outpatient rehab, a helipad, and ample, convenient parking.

War Memorial Hospital
1 Healthy Way
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
(304) 258-1234

What is the temperature of the Mineral Springs?

The water bubbles from the springs are at a constant 74 degrees Fahrenheit. In the local spas and baths, the mineral springs are usually heated between 100 – 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you drink the mineral water from the hot springs?

Yes, the mineral water from the hot springs is safe to drink and is considered to have health benefits.

How many spas and bathhouses are there in Berkeley Springs?

There are several spas and bathhouses in Berkeley Springs, including the Berkeley Springs State Park Bathhouse, Renaissance Spa at The Country Inn, and Coolfont Resort.

Is Berkeley Springs a family-friendly destination?

Yes, Berkeley Springs is a family-friendly destination with plenty of outdoor activities and family-oriented events.

Is there camping available in the area?

Yes, there are several camping options in the area, including the Cacapon Resort State Park and the Coolfont Resort.

What kind of shopping options are available in Berkeley Springs?

Berkeley Springs has several boutiques, antique shops, and art galleries, offering a variety of shopping options.

Can you fish or kayak in the nearby rivers or lakes?

Yes, there are several nearby rivers and lakes where visitors can fish, kayak, and enjoy other water activities, including the Potomac River and Sleepy Creek Lake.

Who is Berkeley Springs’s sister city?

Berkeley Springs is a sister city to Bath, Somerset, England. More information about Bath can be found here.

How many people live in Berkeley Springs, WV?

In 2012, an estimated 624 people live within the town limits of Berkeley Springs. Berkeley Springs accounts for approximately 1% of the county population of 16,000. More people live outside the town limits.

What is the weather like in Berkeley Springs?

Berkeley Springs experiences a wide array of various weather conditions. There are four distinct seasons in the area. The summers are usually warm, but can occasionally get hot. The fall is variable, and winter is very unpredictable. Temperatures in winter can vary from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to around the lower 70s (rare). In recent years the area has had around 15-25 inches of snow. The spring season usually has a lot of precipitation. The past few years have been noticeably wetter than average.

Below is a more detailed breakdown per month. Click here to view the current 5 day weather.

Berkeley Springs Average Temperature Monthly

Where are the local animal hospitals?

Below are the current animal hospitals in the area:

Berkeley Springs Animal Hospital
1692 Martinsburg Rd
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
(304) 258-4123

Animalia Veterinary Care
4684 Valley Rd
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
(304) 258-5819

Where is the local animal humane society?

The local humane society information is below.

Humane Society of Morgan County
5366 Valley Rd,
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
(304) 258-5592

Coffee lover here, where can I get coffee?

There are a couple of places where you can fulfill your coffee fix.

Lighthouse Latte
114 N. Mercer St
Berkeley Springs,  WV   25411
(304) 258-5429

28 Morgan Square,
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Where can I go fishing?

There are several spots where you can go fishing:

Cacapon State Park
Two areas at the park, the lake, and the reservoir, offer fishing opportunities. The lake is stocked in the spring for trout fishing, but other fish that can be caught are bass, catfish, and blue gill. The reservoir is not stocked. Nearby fishing opportunities include the Potomac River and Cacapon River. Anyone under the age of 15 does not need a West Virginia Fishing License but must be accompanied by a licensed adult. Anglers over 15 years of age are required to obtain a fishing license with proper stamps. Short-term fishing licenses are sold at Cacapon Lodge.

Sleepy Creek Lake
Historically this lake provided excellent trophy bass, crappie, and northern pike fishing. The 1979-1994 state record largemouth bass was caught from the lake and several trophy citation bass, crappie, and pike have been reported. Trolling deep-running plugs has been a productive method of landing bass, especially in early spring. Best crappie baits are small jigs and minnows while fly fishing can produce nice stringers of bluegill. The best fishing occurs in standing timber areas and around clumps of aquatic vegetation.

Other Places
Fishing and boating are found on the Potomac and Cacapon rivers.

Where can I rent bikes and go biking?

Bikes can be rented at:

C & O Canal
9 S Pennsylvania Ave
Hancock, MD 21750
(301) 678-6665

Come to C&O Bicycle to see what a real family-owned bike shop is all about!  You’ll find yourself in a relaxed atmosphere and escape your stressful days.

C&O Bicycle is located in beautiful, small-town Hancock, Maryland.  You will find us at mile marker 124.5 of the C&O Canal, an old towpath used to transport freight from Georgetown to Cumberland.  We are also at mile marker 10.7 on the Western Maryland Rail Trail, a 22.5-mile paved trail that provides a scenic route through the mountains, not over them.

It’s about ten miles from downtown Berkeley Springs. Also, there is the C & O trail next to the bike shop. It’s a great place to bike ride with over 100 miles

What are the taxes in Berkeley Springs?

The retail tax is 6% and the hotel/motel tax is 4%. So if you are lodging in Berkeley Springs, the total tax is 10%.

Where is the main visitor office for Berkeley Springs?

To get more information on Berkeley Springs in person, they have an office at

Travel Berkeley Springs
127 Fairfax Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

They can be reached at 800-447-8797 or 304-258-9147