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17 Coziest American Mountain Towns

Berkeley Springs was listed as one of the coziest American Mountain Towns. Up in the mountains, the air is fresher and the views are better. There’s a sense of calm, as the only sounds come from nature—a babbling creek or a chirping robin. A getaway in the mountains can clear your head and get you…

Top eating establishment within the Berkeley Springs area

Great video from Robert Peak on the top eating establishment within the Berkeley Springs area. The biggest surprise in Berkeley Springs?? The array of great eateries that make this tiny town a constant feast for every taste and pocketbook. For the full menu of our favorites places check Thanks to Bob Peak and Jennifer…

Berkeley Springs Castle

A wealthy widow lived the high life in this Gilded Age country house. Samuel Taylor Suit was many things: a successful whiskey distiller; an honorary Kentucky colonel; and a wealthy, well-connected landowner, businessman and politician. He was also unlucky in love. Samuel Suit’s first wife died in childbirth, and his second wife divorced him after…

Google Visits Berkeley Springs for Online Safety Event

Representatives from Google made a stop in Berkeley Springs Monday to speak with middle schoolers about staying safe online. Here at Warm Springs Middle School in Berkeley Springs, 470 sixth, seventh and eighth-graders sit in the bleachers of their gymnasium listening to two representatives from Google.